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E.E.E. Volume 6

by Elsie Escobar


April Eight Songs & Stories by April Eight on iTunes

I adore this podcast. Found out about it because she reached out to Jess and I for some help growing her show. I was FLOORED.

Let me tell you how I’ve used it:

● My girls were tearing the walls down after having a day at home ‘bored’ <cough>. I put this on. It got me almost 40 min of engaged time.

● My 5 year old had the tummy flu and stayed home with me. I put this on while she took a bath and she relaxed in there for almost 3 episodes! shocked.

Here’s a little behind the scenes of this producer: she writes all her own stories, and she doesn’t know how they’re gonna end, so she writes, records, but doesn’t know the rest!

She also has an amazing voice. Moms and Dads, add this to your arsenal of possible ‘escapes’. Who knows, it might just help you keep your sanity.


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