Disney's Potential Twitter Bid


Since we're on the topic of Twitter, the rumors of a bid by Disney are interesting (gotta stop using that word). Yes, obviously given that fact that both Jack Dorsey (presumably bull) and Sheryl Sandberg (presumably bear) sit on Disney's board. But also the fact that Disney has been so good at acquisitions of late -- certainly under Bob Iger

Of course, most of those great acquisitions were about IP. Buying Twitter would be quite different than buying Lucasfilm, Marvel, or Pixar. Unless Disney has plans to make an animated franchise out of the Twitter bird (cue the jokes about this being potentially more lucrative than Twitter itself). 

The key here may be ESPN. Turn on SportsCenter and count the Twitter references. It's a ton, every single day. So much of the sports world, including, notably, reporting, now flows through Twitter. And ESPN is Disney's crown jewel. And as cable continues its slow, long decline, Disney needs to get to work on what's next for the network. Hence, a huge investment in MLB's BAMTech. And hence, Twitter? It's not the craziest idea in the world...


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