Apple Music on Track to Overtake Spotify in U.S. Subscribers

Anne Steele:

Apple’s subscriber-account base in the U.S. has been growing about 5% monthly, versus Spotify’s 2% clip, according to the people familiar with the numbers. Assuming those growth rates continue, Apple will overtake Spotify in accounts this summer.

Behold: the power of the pre-install! But really, this was inevitable given Apple's install base. The next question is far more interesting: what can Spotify do to outmaneuver Apple? Their curation/recommendation engine has done well so far, but it won't be enough. I think becoming a label -- or something akin to that -- will have to be the next step. Mainly because it's the only way to combat a company where music can always be a loss leader in practice, even if it isn't in spirit. 


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