Where Is Twitter's Promised Ad Transparency Center?


Like most people, you probably spend a lot of time wondering where Twitter's promised ad transparency center is. Well, would you be surprised to learn that it is not ready yet?

In October 2017, as Congress probed Russia’s suspected manipulation of Twitter's platform, the company pledged to within weeks establish an “industry-leading transparency center” that would provide visibility into political and issues-based ads. More than two months later, the center is nowhere to be found.
Twitter announced the center as it was preparing to testify before Congress following revelations that Kremlin-linked trolls used its platform in an attempt to sow discord in American politics. The initiative would offer important visibility into what ads run on Twitter, and when, regardless of the ads’ intended targets.
Twitter told BuzzFeed News that the creation of the transparency center is still in progress. But a spokesperson declined to comment on when it might debut and why it’s been delayed.


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