Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were grilled by lawmakers about terrorist content on social media


Today was the big ISIS hearing in the Senate. It wasn't nearly as dramatic as last year's Russia-focused hearings:

Much of the testimony focused on how the companies use artificial intelligence to detect and remove terrorist content. Facebook’s head of product policy and counterterrorism Monika Bickert said that the company is able to automatically remove 99 percent of ISIS and Al Qaeda content before it’s flagged, although she admitted that humans were still necessary to detect nuances in who shared the content. YouTube and Twitter also trumpeted some of their successes with machine detection.
Still, the companies did not escape tough questions from some members of the committee. Thune asked YouTube about a how-to bomb-making video, which had reportedly been re-uploaded several times. “How is it possible for that to happen?” he asked, as YouTube responded that it had been able to take down the re-uploads quickly. Sen. Wicker (R-MS) pushed Twitter on its position not to cooperate with providing data to law enforcement for surveillance operation, a position that the company defended.


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