Young People Love Twitter — As Screenshots on Instagram

Megan Farokhmanesh:

“Instagram and Twitter are the only social media platforms that matter, especially to millennials.” For Hartwig, Instagram’s image-first identity is suited to meme culture, which she says thrives and connects more easily. “Memes lend themselves to be shared as a full image, with the text of the meme actually attached to the image itself,” she says.
Some of these Instagram meme accounts have followers in the millions, and many aren’t just aggregating content; they’re creating their own on Twitter or Tumblr, and then posting screenshots to Instagram. For some meme creators, Twitter and Tumblr are a canvas, while Instagram is the wall where they display their work. Part of the reason is that for meme creators looking to build an audience, Twitter just doesn’t cut it.

Fascinating/crazy that Twitter doesn’t do more to help keep this behavior on Twitter. I mean, it’s right there for the taking… Then again, this is the network that still hasn't gotten textshots right...


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