Twitter’s Vijaya Gadde on its approach to free speech and why it hasn’t banned Alex Jones.

I was honored to make the following appearance in Will Oremus' podcast interview of Twitter's chief counsel.

OREMUS: And so with that long preamble, I wanted to ask you one from Casey Newton, who’s a social media reporter at the Verge. Casey said, “What’s your latest thinking on what verification should mean on Twitter?”
GADDE: Oh, I’m laughing because I thought Casey’s first question is about the edit feature, so I thought you were going to ask me that question.
OREMUS: I ignored that one because he’s asked you guys that five times.
GADDE: OK, great. Verification I can handle, no problem. It’s not controversial at all compared to the edit feature. In all seriousness, we obviously paused the official public channel for verification last fall, and we said we needed to holistically rethink the program because it was broken. A couple of reasons, but the main one is it really conflated identity with endorsement by Twitter, and that was not a place that we wanted to be. So we’re in the process of rethinking that.
I appreciate that it’s not moving quite as fast as we would all like it to, and I think you’re going to hear a lot more about that actually from Kayvon [Beykpour], who is going to be tweeting. Kayvon leads our consumer product team and he’s going to be tweeting about that, so stay tuned on that front. There’s more coming. And I think that this is an area where we have some work to do, for sure, but it’s probably not as high of a priority for us right now as making sure that we’re really focused on information quality, particularly leading up to the midterm elections here in the United States.


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