Ten Red Flags Signaling Your Analytics Program Will Fail


I often throw shade at bigco efforts in data, but have come to very much respect just how hard their task is. Doing analytics at a F500 company is not (primarily) a technology problem, it's a coordination problem. When you have 25 (or even 250) people at your company, this coordination / communication problems is tractable. At 25,000, it is exponentially harder.

This article is most useful when read as a piece of anthropology. It could just as easily be titled Top 10 Reasons Why Large Enterprises Suck at Data. As you read it, just absorb just how ineffective many of these efforts are:

...a large organization spent hundreds of millions of dollars and more than two years on a company-wide data-cleansing and data-lake-development initiative. The objective was to have one data meta-model—essentially one source of truth and a common place for data management. The effort was a waste.

That hurts my soul. It's clearly possible to have a large company that excels at data, but it seems like that competency often needs to be baked in from the beginning, deep into the culture.


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