NBC: Meet the MLB's first Latina announcer - furthering the impact of Latinx in baseball


Raised in the Bronx by Puerto Rican parents, Marysol Castro spent 2 decades as a broadcast journalist and host and now she shares what it's like being the first female public-address announcer for the New York Mets AND the first Latina announcer in Major League Baseball. It's the first time in New York baseball history that a woman (gasp!) is asking fans to stand for the National Anthem and reading off the day's lineup. And because she's able to correctly pronounce the Latino player's names, Castro is a bridge builder for other Latinos at a time when Hispanic-viewing baseball audiences are at an all-time high in the U.S.:

A study showed that the addition of international players to MLB teams, many from Caribbean and Latin American countries, have resulted in a jump of millions in profits. As of last year, MLB players hailed from 19 countries, including the Dominican Republic (93 players), Venezuela (77) and Cuba (23). Castro, who grew up speaking primarily English, went to the Mets Clubhouse on one of her first days on the job and asked each player how they wanted her to pronounce their names. This meant a lot to many of the players, including the 11 Latinos in the 40-member team.


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