Stop doing user interviews. Start having conversations.

🧒There’s an art to interviews, and really, I think of it as being a sister to the art of conversation. I think when people are learning how to run user interviews, there appears this balancing act between ‘user interview skills’ and ‘social skills’. Sometimes social skills is the part that falls into the cracks when you’re learning the basic skills of user interviewing.

If you can level up by remembering your user interview skills and also relaxing and having a conversation, the person you’re talking to is going to be that much more engaged. If they’re engaged, what they tell you will be more natural, your insights will be deeper and learnings more nuanced. If they’re disengaged, you’ll get your yes, no answers, but they won’t feel like going deep, sharing their feelings, and opening up to you.

The followings 6 tips can help you to with your next user interview.

  1. Little things matter. When they arrive
  2. Try and create a smooth flow between questions, by engaging and actively listening
  3. Embrace non-formal language. “I was like F&*# that!”
  4. Try and find out what they’re enthusiastic about
  5. Build in time for chatty warmup questions
  6. Be open to learning stuff you didn’t expect, and going off-topic


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