Twitter officially recognizes tweetstorms with a new threads feature

It's time for some game theory — forever! I wrote this:

To create a thread using the new feature, type your first tweet and then hit the plus button in the lower right-hand corner of the composer. That brings up a new area within the composer where you’ll have another 280 characters to express yourself. Repeat the process until your thread is complete, and then hit “tweet,” and the entire thread will post all at once. If you want to update a thread later, open it and hit “add another tweet” in the thread.
Threads have both critics and champions. Regardless of what you think, it’s hard to deny that threads have become a literary form unto themselves in the past few years. Whether it’s Eric Garland’s famous “time for some game theory” post-election analysis last year, or this man’s impassioned plea for sex education, memorable tweetstorms use Twitter’s arbitrary constraints to create a certain kind of rhythm. The critics still yell, “Just write a blog post!” And yet — to my eyes, anyway — a good thread has a poetry to it that can’t be replicated in an essay written in standard-length paragraphs.


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