August Employment Update

By Ryan McLaughlin | email

As documented in Canada’s recently released Revised Labour Market Outlook for 2022Canada’s “Digital Economy” is much less affected by the crash than other sectors. This is because demand for digital services is heightened during quarantines, and digital economy workers are more able to work from home. Seasonally unadjusted employment across sectors has dropped most in accommodation and food services, and oil and gas since February. Meanwhile, August employment in Information and Communication Technology is about 9% above the February value.

Likewise, scientific and technical occupations have been least affected over this period. Employment in natural and applied sciences is the only broad occupational category with employment above February levels. Meanwhile, sales and service occupations remain 12% below February levels. Across age demographics, younger workers remain the furthest from their February employment levels. Employment for workers aged 20–24 is still about 18% below February levels. These workers are disproportionately affected in services, and oil and gas.

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