1) Sports Illustrated: New film "The Dominican Dream" shows Felipe Lopez’s rise was more than a basketball story


Nicknamed "The Dominican Michael Jordan," Felipe Lopez was once the #1 ranked high school player in the country (above Allen Iverson) and graced the cover of Sports Illustrated at the age of 17 . A new film about his life titled The Dominican Dream, part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series, just premiered at Tribeca Film Festival.  

It’s 1994 and Luis Felipe Lopez sits above the rim, proudly waving the Dominican flag as pandemonium hits Fordham gym in New York City. His teammates, fans and family stand below their king, celebrating in Spanish and English as the charismatic senior from Harlem’s Rice High School celebrates the CHSAA championship. For Rice (now defunct since 2011) it was a historic title and a joyous sporting victory but to Dominicans everywhere, notably those in Washington Heights and the Bronx, the moment transcended basketball because it was a day where one of their own—having only arrived in the U.S five years prior from Santiago de los Caballeros—had made a giant mark on the sport and helped shine a positive light in the eyes of white America when Dominicans and other Latino and Hispanic communities fought for equality in turbulent times.

Watch the trailer (2 min) here, and the full documentary here (let me know if that link works).


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