BigQuery Omni for multi-cloud data analytics

BigQuery Omni, powered by Anthos, lets you analyze data in Google Cloud, as well as AWS and Azure (coming soon). It’s multi-cloud data analytics for the modern age.

Wowowow. This is a big deal...IMO it's one of the most meaningful product announcements to come out about the modern data stack in the past year. As a practitioner, one of the things I find the most frustrating is when choice of cloud provider dictates choice of tooling. I've frequently worked with clients who have made decisions not to use BigQuery because of their existing AWS investments, and that is often a completely understandable (if unfortunate) decision. Omni changes that.

We've seen (via anonymous dbt usage stats) BigQuery adoption gaining meaningful market share over the past 12 months—my guess is that it's one of GCP's most strategic services. And I'll be watching those graphs in the coming months...I wouldn't be surprised if this accelerates that existing trend.

While we're talking about BQ Omni, Stephen at Redmonk has very smart things to say. Is this an indication of GCP's larger strategy as it competes with AWS and Azure? I would welcome that. I'm not into these walled gardens with egress charges acting as a defensive moat.


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