1.) AL DÍA News: Dolores Huerta to Latinos: Vote and participate in the Census


At an event in early February, legendary labor leader Dolores Huerta stressed their importance and the power Latinos across the country have if they both vote and participate in the U.S. Census, including sweeping effects across national and local education, infrastructure and health care. It will also affect the amount of congressional appointments each state has in the House of Representatives, with some gaining and losing seats. This will change how many electoral college votes each state represents in a presidential election. She also cited statistics for how much money could be left on the table for not participating:

"For each one of us that gets counted, we bring in $20,000 into our community,” she was quoted as saying by the San Antonio-based Rivard Report. “Over 10 years, $20,000. If you have a family of four, how much are we going to lose? That money is going to health care, to infrastructure, to education. We’re not going to have that money if they don’t get counted.”

She also set the record straight on the citizenship question, saying that it won’t be part of the census and that the Census process is confidential.

Lastly, here is some information from the Census website on why they ask about ethnicity and what they do with the information collected.


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