2.) Fast Company: A Latina CEO shares how much rejection it took to raise $27 million in funding


Speaking of failure and rejection, 🔥 a Latina entrepreneur wrote this article about the grueling process she went through to raise one of the largest Series A investments ever secured by a Latinx woman-led company.

If you’re going to fundraise, take my advice: get to the rejection as soon as possible. Don’t waste their time or yours. People like to court you into a no, they draw it out, and it can really drain your emotional batteries by the time you finally get there. Don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions early on in the conversation. Start dividing the metaphorical room into people you like and don’t. After that, divide the room again into people who can write a big enough check to accomplish your goals. Now the job is to get them to like you and your business. It’s time to make friends.


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