George Isaac - Family Business Consultant, Board Advisor & Prior 4th Gen CEO of Isaac Family Businesses [The Business of Family Podcast]

George Isaac is the founder of GAI Capital Ltd., a specialty family business consulting practice focusing on business value creation and longevity, succession planning, governance, family dynamics, and wealth management and transfer.

  • The Family Business Wealth Evaporation Trap
  • The 2 Basic components of selling the family business: the financial side and the personal side.
  • Headwinds that perpetuate a multi-generational family wealth: FIST (Family units, Inflation, Spending rate, Taxes)
  • The 2 conceptual parts to George's 9-step succession planning roadmap: Family Transition Planning and Business Transition Planning.
  • Think about what you want your legacy to be; are you aligning yourself with that legacy?


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