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This is the End?

by M.G. Siegler


After 'The Process'

Great interview of Sam Hinkie -- former GM of the 76ers and fascinating guy -- by Chris Ballard. Couple takeaways:

“I’m superkeen on that topic,” he says, which is not surprising. Hinkie is superkeen on a lot of topics. This is a man who listens to books on 3X speed on Audible and curates his Pocket account the way some men once curated album collections, because if you really want to understand something there’s no better way than to spend six hours reading a book someone spent five years researching (density of information!). He espouses a growth mind-set and the ability to be a lifelong learner. 

As someone who both listens to things (books, podcast, etc) at fast speeds (2.5x for me) and curates Pocket like no other -- except maybe Hinkie? -- this obviously resonates with me. Later, in the same vein:

Over time, Hinkie’s worldview tends to rub off. To spend time around him is to begin Pocket-ing assiduously (aspiring to an “asynchronous life”), considering one’s email consumption, and thinking further ahead than, say, two weeks (As a former Sixers colleague puts it: “I was always talking about how we needed to walk before we could run, and Sam was focused on building a better bicycle”).

Not sure Pocket could buy better press.


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