Coinbase running Bitcoin XT nodes

Coinbase CEO announces that they are running Bitcoin XT nodes in production as promised several months ago. The name hurling and insults began almost immediately.

The behavior of both the big blocker and small blocker camps of this debate is unfortunate, as both sides have good arguments, despite what the more hardcore members of each tribe will tell you.  

The Greg Maxwell roadmap offers some positive improvements to Bitcoin's capacity and is trying to be sold by proponents as having widespread consensus while others point out that many of those who have signed the statement of support, are employed by a couple companies. In doing this, some vocal members of both sides use words that end up generating outrage and hurt feelings instead of productive communication and understanding.

I suggest everyone genuinely interested in convincing people of their block size views (or of anything) read this essay where Bloomberg journalist Megan McArdle talks about what she's learned about structuring arguments on the internet. 


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