'Mosaic' Is a Sleep No More for TV Fans


Steve Rousseau on Steven Soderbergh's latest experiment:

Yet something magical happens about two-thirds of the way in: Mosaic offers the potential that you’ll come to the end in a way that is unique to you. The emotional ups and downs feel like your own creation. It’s easy to forget Soderbergh is stringing you along.

Fascinating that the "choose-your-own-adventure" type narratives have finally made the jump to television. And in the Netflix-era, this makes total sense. The problem with Soderbergh's effort seems to be that it's on HBO. As such, it works better in the app versus on television. It may be time for HBO to fully embrace the Netflix model and assumes their core customers are using an app to stream.

This could unlock an interesting new dynamic of televised content. Or it could be a passing fad, of course. Television has historically been the example of passive entertainment. Do we really want to choose? If it makes us feel something different, maybe!


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