Two theaters or 1,000? How to Release an Oscar-Winning Film

The Academy Award nominations announced Tuesday included the box-office hits “Get Out,” “Lady Bird” and “The Post” among the contenders for best picture. A number of the nominees, however, haven’t been released widely to the public and are showing in less than 15% of theaters in North America.
It’s part of some studios’ strategy to release their films slowly, building on word of mouth and, indeed, award nominations. Unlike a “wide release,” in which a new film opens in more than 1,500 theaters on the same weekend, a “platform release” of a film means it will typically open in fewer than 50 theaters to start.

This is an excellent piece of data journalism! The initial viz is great, but what impressed me away was how they continued to peel back the onion. Also, it seems like I have a lot of movies to catch up on!


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