Unilever Threatens to Reduce Ad Spending on Tech Platforms That Don’t Combat Divisive Content


The maker of Lipton Ice Tea and Dove soap has had it with fake news and now he is threatening to pull back his ad dollars. Even if you assume this is just posturing to extract some sort of concessions from a powerful vendor, as I do, this is still wild!

Unilever is threatening to pull back its advertising from popular tech platforms, including YouTube and Facebook Inc., if they don’t do more to combat the spread of fake news, hate speech and divisive content.
“Unilever will not invest in platforms or environments that do not protect our children or which create division in society, and promote anger or hate,” Unilever Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed is expected to say Monday during the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual leadership meeting in Palm Desert, Calif. 
“We will prioritize investing only in responsible platforms that are committed to creating a positive impact in society,” he will say, according to prepared remarks.


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