I hate MVPs. So do your customers. Make it SLC instead. – @ASmartBear - WP Engine


Lean Startup is great as philosophy, but people often struggle to implement it successfully. This article identifies why, and suggests a better alternative which customers will more readily accept, the *Simple Lovable Complete Product*:

In order for the product to be small and delivered quickly, it has to be simple. Customers accept simple products every day. Even if it doesn’t do everything needed, as long as the product never claimed to do more than it does, customers are forgiving. For example, it was okay that early versions Google Docs had only 3% of the features of Microsoft Word, because Docs did a great job at what it was primarily designed for, which is simplicity and real-time collaboration.
Docs was simple, but also complete. This is decidedly different from the classic MVP, which by definition isn’t complete (and in fact is embarrassing). “Simple” is good, “incomplete” is not. The customer should have a genuine desire to use the product, as-is. Not because it’s version 0.1 of something complex, but because it’s version 1.0 of something simple.


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