NBA Starts a New Pro League Based on Video-Game Basketball

Eben Novy-Williams:

The NBA 2K eLeague will be jointly owned by NBA and Take Two, which has sold more than 68 million copies of NBA 2K games. Player salaries and team prizes are still to be determined, along with how -- and where -- fans will be able to watch. Some events will be live, with games also streaming online and possibly on television. Holt said the league has spoken to all 30 NBA teams and expects roughly half to participate in the first season.

What an interesting idea for the NBA to try. Without question, they seem to be the most forward-thinking major sports league (at least in the U.S.) these days. MLB does some smart things too, but you could never see them doing something like this. The NFL will get around to doing something like this in 2050. When they're a shadow of their former selves...


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