Why C++ is so “Hard” to Learn – adamtcroft.com


C++ 是一匹桀驁不馴的駿馬,一旦駕馭她,不僅「視野變不同」,能選擇的領域也變多了學 C++ 不需要過人的智力,正確的學習心態才是成功的關鍵--耐心不求快,堅持不放棄本文作者以自身經驗告訴我們,自認水準一般般的他都能學會 C++(還寫書),其他人一定行的。

Don’t be intimidated, find something intriguing and get fascinated by it. Now that you know why it can be hard, you’re in a much better position to make it easier on yourself. Soon, you’ll know something a lot of people are freaked out by – and you can be proud of yourself for that, and then bring them along too!


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