Volgens Ben Thompson moet TikTok hard worden aangepakt


Ben Thompson schrijft vaak hele goede analyses wat er gebeurt bij de diverse internetbedrijven die de wereld rijk is. Afgelopen week betoogde hij dat de Amerikaanse overheid TikTok - en andere Chinese internetbedrijven die actief zijn in de VS - zou moeten aanpakken.

TikTok’s algorithm, unmoored from the constraints of your social network or professional content creators, is free to promote whatever videos it likes, without anyone knowing the difference. TikTok could promote a particular candidate or a particular issue in a particular geography, without anyone — except perhaps the candidate, now indebted to a Chinese company — knowing. You may be skeptical this might happen, but again, China has already demonstrated a willingness to censor speech on a platform banned in China; how much of a leap is it to think that a Party committed to ideological dominance will forever leave a route directly into the hearts and minds of millions of Americans untouched?

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