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Trump blocked from Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat after violence on Capitol Hill

Snapchat is joining Facebook and Twitter in temporarily cutting off President Donald Trump’s ability to post after he incited violence at the U.S. Capitol.

Though Snapchat is primarily used as a private messaging app, public figures and media companies also post content to its Discover tab, which it claims 70% of the U.S. Gen Z population viewed last year, and the company recently rolled out a TikTok-like feed of user-submitted videos. Snap in June blocked Trump from being promoted in Discover after he said Black Lives Matter protesters would be met with violence if they stormed the White House.

Twitter removed several of Trump’s tweets on Wednesday and blocked his ability to post new tweets until he deletes others in violation of its policy, while Facebook for the first time put a temporary block on his ability to post. Trump regularly uses Snapchat, which has 249 million daily users, to share content he posts to other social networks, including campaign ads. 1.9 million Snapchat users have subscribed to his account, according to his profile.


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