VICE: A Q&A with a Panamanian photographer on new series exploring her family's roots

This is a really beautiful interview with photographer Kayla Reefer, who talks about how the photoshoot was intentionally focused on how her family wanted to be presented to the world. Kayla Reefer is the daughter of Panamanian immigrants and grew up in California. Last year, Reefer visited Panama for the first time in almost 5 years & devoted time to photographing her extended family, 3 generations, over the course of multiple weeks. The series strikes an interesting balance with the images being fit for a gallery and scrapbook. Reefer calls the series a gift to her family, a chance for them to see themselves. “I don’t know if they’ve ever had a their pictures formally taken,” she says. But these photos are also a gift for viewers. The series serves as a powerful example of pride; an attempt to combat the erasure of Afro-Latinx identities in Latin America. If you want to hire her, here's her website.


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