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It Wasn't Showtime

by M.G. Siegler



Horace Dediu:

For this reason wearers, whether they want to or not, advertise the product loudly. Initially, when new, they looked strange, even goofy. But the product’s value to the wearer overcame any embarrassment and for those courageous enough to wear them, they became a point of pride. As all things distinctive enough, the distinction rubs on the user and that distinction begets new users and new distinction, and so on. So now we have a bona fide cultural phenomenon.

I've long been on record as loving the AirPods. They're brilliant. Best product Apple has done in a long time. Certainly the best new one. What has been most fascinating to watch has been not just others come around to this position, but that people who previously thought the way they looked would doom them, now realize this has become an asset. A status symbol.


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