Artificial Intelligence Improves Customer Experience After All

Great article for all the skeptics about the combination of robots and customer experience. Here are five examples where artificial intelligence enhances the customer experience.

1. IBM Watson Tone Analyzer is a sentiment analysis of text messages from your customers, automating a historically challenging process.

2. Salesforce's Einstein is an AI engine, and in addition to core offerings, has chatbots and personalized recommendations.

3. Dynatrace connects root cause analysis to business impact analysis, notifying mid-level managers of anomalies across digital customer experience touchpoints.

4. Pointillist expedites customer journey analytics by automating schema definition, customer identifier matching, and fixed field mappings. Visualization tools help to create customer journeys from the ground up from actual micro-journeys.

5. Aivo

Chatbots for text, voice, and self-service content search. Aivo claims to have natural conversations in stead of flows or options. On their website you can find examples of (disclaimer: promo-ish videos) of what their virtual assistent can do to show some human empathy and have human-like dialogues in customer service communication. Below a video (in funny Spanglish) where Amadeus claims 78% of customer questions are answered by the bot.


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