Consolidated Readings for Analytics Engineers

This repository is a curation of good blog posts and books for Analytics Engineers. It can also be very useful for Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

The job title "Analytics Engineer" is taking off. I just attended a fantastic meetup in NYC with 100+ attendees focused on this role that included super-smart panelists and great audience-generated conversation. There was energy in the room, and the issues under discussion weren't just technical—how to do x thing with data—they were organizational.

The rise of the analytics engineer is a response not only to a shift in tools and technologies, it's a response to a shift in the way that organizations think about building a culture of data. Enabling self-service was the biggest focus of the people at this meetup, a topic that included not only building clean data models, but great documentation, strong stakeholder partnerships and training programs. Every one of these things is critical for an organization to truly be data-empowered.

This movement towards analytics engineering is the most exciting thing I've seen in data for a long time, because it's focused on organizational outcomes, not individual capabilities.

More to come on this in a future blog post I'm sure. In the meantime, this recently-published reading list is a great place to get started if you're new to the space. Contains all of the canonical stuff to get you up to speed.


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