Kara Swisher on Ambition, Bad Bosses, and Having a Baby at 56


Kara Swisher is a force of nature, a reporter who has been covering technology and Silicon Valley since the 90s and is “also one of the only reporters who can make Mark Zuckerberg sweat through his hoodie.” She is, as the youths say it these days, doing the most. This interview with Kara explores what makes her tick, her philosophy on life and how she approaches work and parenthood. I like her even more after this! Some of the nuggets that resonated the most below:

Bragging is different than saying what it is. When I suck at something, I say I suck at it. But I know what I’m good at.
Becoming a parent didn’t lessen my ambition, but it did make me more sanguine about work. It makes me spend even less time worrying about what people think of me. When something bad happens at work, or someone gives me a hard time, I’m like, “I don’t need youto like me. I have dogs. I have kids. I need themto like me.” If I fail at being a parent, I feel terrible, but if I fail at some work thing, I’m like, Oh, well. Not everything’s a four-alarm fire. If something goes wrong, a lot of people are like, “What are we going to do!?” And I’m like, “Something else.”
I do have talent, but I also put in the time. I’m not embarrassed about it either, and I don’t pretend it’s not important.
If I can’t do something well, I drop it.


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