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Pop Loser No. 105

by Tyler Hellard


Flickr Has Been Sold After 13 Years at Yahoo. Can It Be Relevant Again?

Flickr is going to be an interesting case study for a very specific moment online—"Web 2.0," when user-generated content and large online communities became a big thing and then didn't really go the way we hoped they would. 

A lot, obviously, has changed since Flickr’s heyday — Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, squares, vertical, etc. More than anything, mobile has taken over, and photo sharing has evolved from albums to streams to Stories. Photo sharing isn’t just a thing anymore — it’s part of many things.

Google and Amazon Prime now offer effectively unlimited photo libraries and backup for free. Apple has made photography a core part of its operating system and messaging service. Instagram has become the culturally dominant visual community of the day.

And while Flickr has an app, it hasn’t cracked the top 150 iPhone photo apps in the past month, according to App Annie.


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