Motion design doesn't have to be hard – Google Design

📝 Motion’s primary job is to help users navigate an app by illustrating the relationship between UI elements. Motion also has the ability to add character to an app with animated icons, logos, and illustrations; however, establishing usability should take priority over adding expressivity. Before flexing your character animation skills, let’s start with designing a strong motion foundation by focusing on navigation transitions.

People often tell me that designing motion is complicated, or that choosing the right values is ambiguous. I contend that in areas most important to a UI, motion design can and should be simple.

Given their high frequency and close ties to usability, nav transitions should generally favor functionality over style. This isn’t to say they should never be stylized, just be sure style choices are justified by the brand. Eye catching motion is usually best reserved for elements like small icons, logos, loaders, or empty states.


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