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Bloodless Coop

I have a deep interest in the redefinition of nature as it pertains to food. This piece from the New Inquiry usefully lays out some of the more salient critical points around the newest food/tech nexus. Having done qualitative research into the social and commercial culture of meat consumption, one of the things I learned quite clearly was how complex and multifaceted our social relationship is to meat, as one example. Not just as a foodstuff or product, but as quite complicated social currency. 

"THE in vitro meat startup relies upon a dual discourse: it must portray itself as “natural,” while also calling upon a cybernetic logic of transcendence," writes author Sam Smith, but this point applies to much of what the supernature industry offers us: tools, products and capabilities that are at once nature's next step (as taken by us) and the epitome of synthetic achievement. 


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