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Cold Takes: Onward

by M.G. Siegler

BlackBerry To Stop Making Its Own Phones

Roger Cheng:

"It's been an unstoppable descent. In 2009, BlackBerry controlled one-fifth of the phone market, just behind Nokia. Today, it holds a tiny fraction of 1 percent, according to Gartner."

Everyone knows this, but it's still incredible just how fast a company -- and really here, companies, when you include Nokia -- can fall in less than a decade. 


"On Wednesday, BlackBerry posted fiscal second-quarter results that saw it swing to a loss of $372 million, or 71 cents a share, from a year-ago profit of $51 million, or 24 cents a share. Revenue fell by a third to $334 million."

Let's put it this way: Apple makes roughly as much in profit in three days as BlackBerry makes in revenue in three months. Also, those phone hardware sales accounted for roughly 30% of that revenue. So yeah, down we go... The fate, sealed.


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