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Beer Weekend

by M.G. Siegler


The Cup Pattern You See Everywhere...

Along those same lines, Josh Williams shared this one with me, looking into the backstory of the above design we all have seen many times over the years on our generic cups and plates. Thomas Gounley was able to track down Gina Ekiss, who designed the "jazz" pattern in the early 1990s:

"They came back and said that was the one they wanted to go with, and what did I call it," she said. "I had no idea. So I had to come up with a name for it, so we just called it jazz."
The design was similar to something she had designed in college, Ekiss said, rejecting the idea that she ripped off another cup company's design. Teal and purple were her two favorite colors.

How much did she make for the now-ubiquitous design? Around $35,000 -- her salary she was paid at Sweetheart, not a penny more. 


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