Inside Amazon’s Giant Spheres, Where Workers Chill in a Mini Rainforest

Spencer Soper:

From the outside, the three connected spheres resemble a glass-and-steel sculpture of a triple-scoop sundae. The biggest sphere is 90 feet high and 130 feet wide. Inside, visitors first notice the warm, moist air, about 72 degrees and 60 percent humidity, compared with the 30 percent humidity in a typical office. Eyeglasses fog over and sweat beads on foreheads while bodies adjust. Just inside the doors is a five-story “living wall” cascading with greenery. The climate varies throughout so visitors can find a “micro-climate” to their liking. The temperature swings as much as five degrees, a big difference in the humid environment, and ventilation systems simulate an outdoor breeze.

Not going to lie, this thing sounds (and looks) amazing. If I worked at Amazon, I would be in this thing every day until they booted me (which it sounds like they may have to do from time-to-time due to capacity constraints). Also, I'd find it hard not to re-enact scenes from Bio-Dome...


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