Oscars Disaster Casts Unwanted Spotlight


Speaking of the Oscar situation, here's a recap of what happened and the likely ramifications for longtime Academy partner PwC. 

I was planning to link to a Medium piece which was posted a few months back by folks at PwC talking about how they handle the envelopes on the night of the show -- because it actually revealed exactly what happened. Here was one key part:

The producers decide what the order of the awards will be. We each have a full set. I have all 24 envelopes in my briefcase; Martha has all 24 in hers. We stand on opposite sides of the stage, right off-screen, for the entire evening, and we each hand the respective envelope to the presenter. It doesn’t sound very complicated, but you have to make sure you’re giving the presenter the right envelope.

And that, of course is exactly what didn't happen. They accidentally gave Warren Beatty the second envelope revealing Emma Stone winning Best Actress for La La Land -- hence, the confusion. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, PwC deleted said Medium post...


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