Anyone can now build augmented reality face masks inside Facebook

Almost no one is regularly using Facebook's AR masks, which are currently trapped inside its un-beloved stories feature. Will letting the unwashed masses make their own filters change that? It's possible!

For most users, opening these AR features to all developers won’t create a noticeable change right away. But it should result in more funky face filters and AR projections coming down the road — and hopefully, stuff that’s a lot cooler and more interesting than that, too.
Facebook is still trying to bring its vision for AR into the mainstream. CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks that augmented reality is going to be a major platform someday, and the company is even building physical AR glasses that will one day serve as a more permanent camera through which people will see the world.
But AR is still nascent, and Facebook is one of many companies trying to push the technology into the hands of consumers. Apple is also offering AR software tools for developers, and Apple’s benefit is that it owns the actual hardware (the iPhone) where users can find those features. Google is trying something similar with Android. Snapchat, too, wants to push augmented reality features, and should get credit for popularizing the goofy face masks people seem to love.

More AR news today: Messenger's clone of Snapchat world lenses also arrived.


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