What's the human cost of Black Friday? - Long hours, poor pay and anxiety


As Black Friday moved to online sales in recent years, thanks to Amazon (which accounted for 60% of a $7.9 billion spending spree last year Black Friday), and customers lured with "free shipping", who pays the price of our shopping convenience? The workers all over the country who give up time with their families to serve demanding customers and enrich the pockets of wealthy capitalists.

While many retail workers face increased work volume and demanding schedules, often without extra compensation during holidays, Amazon fulfillment center workers pull 60 hour weeks and managers work average of 80 hours, and are strictly not allowed to use vacation or sick days during the holiday sales season. Walmart does not offer holiday pay or additional compensation to workers on Black Friday. At CVS, only full-time employees receive extra compensation for working holidays like Thanksgiving Day but not on Black Friday.


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