The Athletic want to dominate local sports coverage

This profile in the NYT of The Athletic had to be apologised for by the founders because they were so rude about how they will dominate local sports reporting and crush local newspapers into a fine dust they will brush their teeth with. An excellent apology if ever I saw one: the founder apologised for the way he said it, but not what he said.

You'll still get crushed, local media, but I will scatter your ashes over the dilapidated print press of yorn.

The founders used to work at Strava, a community for couch-potato athletes to professionals, and they believe that enthusiastic sports fans are holding the local newspaper industry together (I guess this may be more true in America). Their belief is if they capture the best of this content, and put it behind a clean, ad-free, $60 paywall, hundreds of thousands will pony up the cash. Their most successful local site has 15,000 subs.


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