Will This Battle For The Soul Of Bitcoin Destroy It?


Another day in Bitcoin world, another civil war. This time, just as the Bitcoin network is moving past the SegWit fork, another fork of the Bitcoin network is at hand. This time, the debate is over blocksize - one side wants to keep the current 1MB specification, and the other wants to double it to 2MB. While this does have implications for who can mine Bitcoins and how fast the network can operate, this is still only a linear (2x) improvement. In order to serve as a platform for humanity, much more scaling needs to take place. This time, just like the SegWit split, there will likely be a fork into two separate Bitcoin blockchains - one called "Bitcoin" and the other one "Bitcoin Gold". There's also a war over which chain gets what name. In the meantime, Bitcoin's price continues to flirt with all-time highs. Pretty typical for crypto world. 


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