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A Hour of Thrones

by M.G. Siegler


Amazon's Jeff Bezos & Steve Boom on Starting a New 'Golden Age' for Music

Like most people, I recalled this article from February simply for the last line zinger from Bezos when Stephen Witt asked about Trump:

Well, I’m, you know... (Looks down and is quiet for a moment.) I feel that this interview is about music.

But actually, there's something far more interesting buried in here:

This is about more than just music, isn’t it? If you succeed, you’ll have placed an Amazon cash register in every house in the country.
It’s not about that. For sure, if you have a 2-year-old and you see that you’re running low on diapers, we want to make that easy for you. But voice interface is only going to take you so far on shopping. It’s good for reordering consumables, where you don’t have to make a lot of choices, but most online shopping is going to be facilitated by having a display. Alexa is primarily about identifying tasks in the household that would be improved by voice. Music is one. Another is home automation. So, you can say, “Alexa, turn off all the lights in the house.” “Alexa, turn the temperature up two degrees.” That’s really an amazing thing to be able to do.

Everyone just states very matter-of-factly that the Echo exists to be just another conduit to shopping. But Bezos, if we take him at his word, doesn't see it that way. His view sounds much more in line with an "operating system for the home" -- shopping is a part of that, but a relatively small one in terms of usage. Seems silly not to listen to Bezos here

Of course, Amazon did just launch an Echo with a screen (thoughts on that soon -- I have many having used it for a few weeks). 


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