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Draught Draft

by M.G. Siegler


The NES Classic Outsold the PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch in June

Tom Warren:

The NES Classic returned to stores in June after a brief stint of sales back in 2016, and it has now topped US sales charts. NPD reports that the NES Classic was June’s highest unit-selling hardware platform in the US, beating the PlayStation 4, Nintendo’s Switch, and the Xbox One. The NES Classic managed to outsell these consoles despite only being on sale for a few days in late June. Nintendo’s SNES Classic was also the overall top unit selling hardware platform in the US in September when it first debuted in stores.

It's an incredible stat. Some may point to how (relatively) cheap the device is. But come on. This thing is a massive success. And while Nintendo probably should have realized how large the market would be -- some of us were giving them this blueprint years ago 😉 -- they clearly didn't a year ago. It's great to see that they got there in the end.

Now we just need an N64 Classic. Think about how many people would buy that for Mario 64 alone. And then think about how many people would buy it for Golden Eye alone. It just needs four-player support at least -- and if Nintendo were really smart, it would have a massively multiplayer online aspect. Can Nintendo get there? I'm skeptical, but hopeful. Again, they seem to get there in the end...


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