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Suns Out, Puns Out

by M.G. Siegler


Nintendo Finally Says Goodbye To 3D

Jason Schreier:

It’s also a final goodbye to glasses-free 3D, a feature that was once the 3DS’s crown jewel but has long been rendered irrelevant. We’ve come a long way from March 2011, where I watched Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime lead a small crowd of loyal fans in grabbing 3D glasses and tossing them up in the air during a launch event on the streets of Manhattan. “The era of 3D glasses ends right here and right now,” Fils-Aime proclaimed.
What he didn’t know was that the era of glasses-free 3D was never going to start. It took less than a year before the 3DS’s sluggish sales forced Nintendo to slash its price from $250 to $170, a bona fide fire sale, in part because nobody cared enough about 3D to buy it. By mid-2012, Nintendo had removed all mentions of 3D from its marketing materials, choosing wisely to focus on what people actually wanted—good video games—and bolstering the system’s library with great Marios, Zeldas, and much more.

As I quipped on Twitter, good riddance 3D -- until 50 years from now when someone inevitably tries to make 3D happen again. And fails, again. No matter the medium -- film, television, video games, phones, etc -- 99% of the time 3D just makes the experience worse


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