How Google's Grand Plan to Make Stadia Games Fell Apart | WIRED

If Microsoft and Sony (and Nintendo) compete for being the winner this generation, it's already clear that Google is the loser. I was always sceptical to Google's approach to their streaming games offering. They were focusing, imho, too much on hardcore gamers and not really providing any clear upside compared to regular PC and console play. Had they invested into exclusive games (for a much broader audience) and just offered one subscription price for everything, they would have eventually won. It could likely have required an investment of USD 10-20 billion (!) and Google was apparently not ready to put that in, even though they easily could. In any case, I think Google just didn't have the stamina required to make it in the games industry. In my experience, setting up a new studio to produce top-quality games easily takes five years, if not ten. Or, as Guardian put it:

"The Amazon and Google studios are filled with talented, brilliant people, but even that’s not enough without a sense of purpose and direction, without resources, without time. Money can buy art, but it can’t in the end, simply generate it."


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