You should really join your town’s local Facebook group

Sophie Kleeman is bullish on the pivot to groups:

Community drama is a special sort, as anyone who’s spent time in a local bar can attest to. Because while people may join these groups for “community” or hyperlocal information, they often stay for the drama. It’s the Real Housewives phenomenon. People watch Kyle and Kim jab their fingers at Brandi for the spectacle, but they also watch it because it speaks to the things we secretly identify with: pettiness, messiness, and histrionics. Local Facebook groups take this formula and add context — people, places, issues, and topics that ring particularly true for the people who know them well. It’s why I found the snowy sidewalk debacle so hilarious — I walked past that house every day when I was a kid, and it’s exactly the kind of thing residents of the neighborhood would complain about. It’s also why I still checked the group more than five years after I moved away. Part of me that will always recognize and appreciate the batshit-crazy majesty of it all.


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