Videocracy review: 13 years of YouTube and we still don't know what it means

Wired UK reads Kevin Allocca's Videocracy, a breezy history of the platform and its most viral videos. Allocca was YouTube's head of culture and trends for seven years, but Wired finds his analysis unfortunately shallow:

Until recently, precious few people outside of YouTube users and the handful of journalists covering the platform in any depth have ever thought about those questions. YouTube needs impartial heads providing careful analysis of the impact its videos and policies may have. We are now starting to get that in iterative reporting around YouTube, and will have so in my book on the platform. What Allocca provides – as well as Kyncl’s earlier effort – is a hagiography: the whitewashed history of YouTube, written by YouTube itself, which addresses the question of “how YouTube is changing the world”, but does so by providing only positive answers.


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