Marriott Employee Roy Jones Hit ‘Like.’ Then China Got Mad

Roy Jones is a 49-year-old Omaha resident who liked a tweet on the job and triggered an international incident. Talk about your fav is problematic!

He used an official company account to like a post on Twitter Inc. from a Tibetan separatist group. The group applauded Marriott for listing Tibet as a country, rather than part of China, in an online survey.
Marriott says listing Tibet as a country was a mistake, and Mr. Jones has said the same of liking the post. Mr. Jones paid for his error with his livelihood: Marriott fired him on Jan 14.
Mr. Jones’s dismissal comes when China is increasingly exerting its economic influence and exporting its censorship abroad. This year alone, at least a dozen Western brands and companies, including Marriott, Delta Air Lines Inc., the Zara apparel chain and Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz unit, have drawn Beijing’s fire for similar mistakes.


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